"Charting New Frontiers In Urban Health Care"

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About UHIP

he Urban Healthcare Initiative Program (UHIP) is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit, community-based urban health care provider. UHIP was founded in 2010 by Dr. Alexander Salerno, an internist with a medical practice in the urban community of East Orange, NJ. Dr. Salerno saw the need for a non-traditional approach to improving health and health outcomes for underprivileged and racial/ethnic minority populations, and consequently UHIP was created.



HIP implements a ‘360 approach’ to healthcare, with the fundamental principle of the program being patient education. We have found that when a patient is equipped with knowledge, they are much more likely to take a proactive approach to their healthcare. UHIP offers comprehensive health assessments, screenings, case management, educational programs, and support services to ensure the highest quality of care.

Health Pillars

HIP was founded on Dr. Salerno’s seven health pillars which include screenings, education, and management tools for: Diabetes, Hypertension & Cardiovascular Diseases, COPD, Chronic Kidney Disease, HIV & Infectious Diseases, Cancer Screenings and Aging/Dementia/Depression/Dying.